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Friday and Saterday 2&3 september 2022
Demopark Almere

International Tiny House Fair, Excursions & Congress
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Congress Update

Hello participants and interested parties of the Tiny House Fair.
After all the difficult moments of the corona era, we want to think carefully about a
Tiny House scholarship. And that in September or October.
Pay attention! It is at a different location, in Almere.
We would like to invite you to visit us and participate in the seminars and viewings of Tiny Houses. Those who have had a voucher for their payment in 2020/2021 can show this as proof of entry.
Due to the circumstances of the corona virus and previous costs incurred, the set-up of the Fair will be different. We hope it will be as attractive as previously planned.
We would like to ask you the following:
• Would you like to draw the attention of as many people as possible to the fact that there is going to be a trade fair. The more people the better.
• Please indicate what you want to know from us, what are your interests. Then we can respond to that during the seminar.
More information coming soon. Keep an eye on the website.

Tiny House International

Tiny House International: an international Tiny House conference for administrators, officials and councilors of municipalities.

In just under four years the Tiny House movement has landed in the Netherlands and everyone has heard of the concept of Tiny House. Tiny Houses are here to stay, as diverse research shows: there is a great need for this innovative and sustainable form of living. More and more people are approaching their municipality with the question of what the possibilities are for being able to live in a minimalist, ecologically responsible and affordable way. Municipalities want to be there for all their residents, but various questions quickly arise when they start working on this specific question. Nevertheless, it is worth doing that because Tiny Housing is about more than just living and facilitating it contributes to multiple objectives.

Outside the Netherlands, attention for Tiny Housing is also increasing. Although circumstances and regulations vary from country to country, we also have many similar developments that increase the need for compact, flexible and ecologically responsible forms of housing.

With this conference we would like to show that Tiny House residential projects have great value and can be applied in practice. We would like to share with you some of the successful Tiny House projects that Nederland has produced till now and share the solutions that have been found to tackle bottlenecks.

Tiny House Nederland Foundation

Tiny House Nederland is a collaboration of people who support this new form of living and want to bring it to the attention of the general public. Not for profit, but through collaboration, learning, doing, sharing and inventing. The open source sharing of information, knowledge and skills that benefits everyone.

Since November 2016 they have set themselves the goal of making it possible for people in the Netherlands to be able to live in a small and sustainable way and to introduce a wide audience to the possibilities of Tiny Houses. Under the motto: less house = more life.

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